Don’t let it hurt bid for repatriation

The murder by Rohingya chief Muhib Ullah is an isolated incident, and should not be a concern in efforts to return the Rohingya refugees Former diplomats and civil society representatives spoke at a webcast yesterday.

The debate, entitled "The Challenges of Rohingya Repatriation" was held by Study Group on Regional Affairs.

Foreign secretary Touhid Hossain said, "We have made almost no progress in the repatriation process. No one can say the killing of Muhib Ullah would affect the procedure."

Then, he said that criminals could be able to take over refugee camps in the event that proper leadership isn't in place. "And in many cases, the control is in their [criminals'] hands already."

Director for the Centre for Genocide Studies at Dhaka University Prof Dr Imtiaz Ahmed has said that the international community must be able to convince China, Japan and India to limit their operations in Myanmar.

Concerning about the "double-standard" maintained by several countries, he explained, "They are saying they won't ban businesses from Myanmar to protect the general population. How can they apply such bans to Iran as well as North Korea? Are there any general citizens in the area?"

He also said that Bangladesh was unable to maintain the topic of Rohingya genocide at the at the top of the agenda of international conferences.

A retired security analyst, and former Brig Gen M Sakhawat Hussain said Myanmar intelligence organizations could play played a part in the murder of Muhib Ullah, who was an issue for authorities in Myanmar. Myanmar government.

"Muhib Ullah was from the youth group that wanted repatriation," Sakhawat stated and urged the government to examine the reasons why guns and drugs were being sold in refugees' camps, despite the existence of several police agencies.

Abu Murshed Chowdhury, co-chairman of the NGO Forum Abu Murshed Chowdhury, co-chairman of the NGO Forum, Rohingyas need to receive technical education, as "an idle brain is a devil's workshop".

Amir Khasru, coordinator of Study Group on Regional Affairs led the webinar.


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